13 mins

Kev Merrie

Speed camera heading north on Connolly drive between Kinross and Clarkson obviously saving lots of lives at this hour
3 hrs

Gem Jury

Camera in xtrail just after gosnells markets heading towards Maddington
3.6 hrs

Evan Jasper

Police on Bikes with lasers between Rowley road and Thomas rd Darlind Downs getting people both ways
3.8 hrs

Simona Lintorn-terry

Camera albany highway Gosnells across from the council grounds. Be careful
4.4 hrs

Keithy Barron

Camera. huntriss rd doubleview
4.9 hrs

Sasha Wyatt

Camera box heading south on freeway in South perth had a guy setting up the camera in it. FYI
5.5 hrs

Supun Batta

White X-trail setting up on Jandakot Rd heading towards Warton Rd.
Speed past for free rolling shots of your cars ;)
6.9 hrs

Michael Rocks

A fleet of Police on bikes patrolling Krispy cream Police in whitford ave.
There are no reports in the last 7 hours.