1.4 hrs

Laura Nightairess

Why r there Police n choppers everywere
1.8 hrs

Debbie Norgrove

Just came up forest rd armadale and someones vt-vx is in the drain on the side of the rd just past all the houses on the way to the Tonkin highway. ... Police driving with the spotty on looking for someone
5.6 hrs

Jaimee Alyce Rowland

Camera sitting under paganoni overpass south. Cant miss it!
6.7 hrs

Gavin Farmer

Camera setting up heading FwY Sth under bridge Paganoni Road !!
1 hrs

Main Roads

Mounts Bay Rd from Mill St to William St, Perth CBD - CLOSED - today 3am to 2pm - roadworks
1.6 hrs

Main Roads

Mitchell Fwy southbound at Reid Hwy, Karrinyup - CAUTION - debris